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Ellen Augustine

84 Monte Vista Avenue,
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Oakland, CA 94611

People are reshaping our world
in amazing ways and now
you can bring this new energy
to your university, community,
women’s or business group!

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Despite the odds — the problems and devastation that dominate the headlines — stories of hope are springing up everywhere. Ellen Augustine shares powerful stories of individuals who are here and now creating

  • businesses which increase profits by being eco-friendly
  • communities and schools that nurture and sustain us, and
  • initiatives that revitalize our environment.

You will come away exhilarated by the rich tapestry of life that is possible for all people in our nation and on the planet — without depleting the capacity for future generations to have the same. You will learn specific steps which you can begin taking now — in your home, school, and business — from the detailed stories of people just like you who are change agents for a world that works for all.

Stories of Hope are the heart of where we are heading. For those who would like more background on the urgency of this turning, Ellen also speaks on “Where’s MY Piece of the PIE?!!” In the richest country on earth, there’s little money for health care, education, affordable housing, environmental restoration, and green job creation. Why? Not only have the wealthiest 1% gotten laws and tax codes rewritten in their favor, but in our public coffers the Pentagon consumes more than 60% of our discretionary budget. This equals the military spending of all the other countries of the world combined! Ellen reveals why the military is a poor jobs program, where cuts can be made, what true security looks like, and why science is on our side for the triumph of the Common Good! She also suggests policy changes which can bring back the widespread economic prosperity of the 1970s. You will leave brimful of hope and optimism, plus will have a plethora of ideas for actions you can take to create the kind of world we all want to live in, whether you have 10 minutes or 10 hours per month.

Who is Ellen Augustine?
From the day that her high school teacher shared stories of the plight of farmworkers — those who struggle so hard, at great peril, so we can have abundant food — Ellen knew that a better world was possible, and that she wanted to be a part of making that happen. She became fascinated by every aspect of how and why a society did or did not work. Again and again, she threw herself out of her comfort zone.

Courage, Commitment, and Compassion
She ran for U.S. Congress because she saw the American Dream receding: many parents no longer feel that their children will have a better life than they did.

She co-authored a book elucidating the stresses and emerging solutions in our culture:
Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance. She is a contributing author to “A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption.”

She founded and co-founded four nonprofits focusing on:

  • international peace and stability through Soviet/American citizen diplomacy
  • environmental restoration through everyday actions
  • entertainment industry violence creating a culture of disrespect
  • mentors and scholarships kindling at-risk youths’ potential

As an entrepreneur, she co-created a rental company in which employees had an active part in shaping the business. It became 99th largest in the United States. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Speech Communication, and worked as national staff on a presidential campaign.

Along the way, she met the catalysts profiled in Stories of Hope.

A Template for Tumultuous Times
If we don’t have a vivid picture of what a positive future could look like, we can’t make the choices to get there! The people Ellen profiles are from diverse backgrounds and professions. They have taken the leap (or been pushed by things not working!) into unknown territory — and found they liked it much better. Living with purpose, authenticity — and, yes, more fun! — they have transformed their own lives and those around them.

Is your paradigm shifting?
The paradox is that the greatest abundance is achieved when the needs of all are met — both people and the earth from whom we derive our sustenance. The winning formula is now you and me rather than you or me.

Heartwarming and Inspiring Stories include:

  • A restaurateur who created a perfect market niche for herself, shared it with her competitors, and found her business grow
  • A temp agency owner who used his profits not to buy a new house, but to finance an initiative that raised the minimum wage
  • A probation officer who changed felons’ lives not by punitive measures, but by getting junk food out of their diet
  • A lawyer who exchanged litigious confrontation for a process where everyone gets to tell their story and get their needs met
  • A fisherwoman who connected dead dolphins and hideous cancers to a plastic manufacturer’s discharges into the bay—and against all odds stopped the discharges

Stories of Hope will leave you refreshed, informed, and motivated to make powerful new choices in your own life.

“Ellen's passion for peace, justice, and sustainability are matched only by her hands-on experience working to bring them about. Her stories from deep inside the struggle are genuinely inspiring. Ellen is a lovable speaker, full of warmth, humor, and enthusiasm that comes from deep within her. An encounter with Ellen is unforgettable. You will be uplifted and renewed.”

— Susan Page, Author of Talking is Not Enough
Past Chapter President, National Speakers Association

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